Emarth Microscopes for Kids, 40X- 640X Monocular Microscopes for Children Beginners with 50 pcs Educational Science Microscope Kits, Adjustable Phone Holder, Slides and LED Light, Blue


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  • 【High magnification】The built-in WF10x and WF16x eyepieces and optical lenses of children’s microscopes: 4x 10x 40x the rotatable monocular lens provides six magnifications 40x 64x 100x 160x 400x and 640x. High-quality optical components can provide children with better visual quality and clear images during use
  • 【Easy to Operate】Place the glass slide on the stage and adjust the observed part to the center of the light hole. Use a low-power objective to find the image rotate it slowly then adjust the image to the clearest level and then use a high-power lens to observe. 3 different color filter rotating wheels in it so that you don’t need to stain the slides
  • 【Child’s Science Kit】 Every beginner microscope comes with SCIENCE KITS(value £12.99) approx 50pcs specimen slides(25pcs) petri dish forceps dropper test tube cover slip instruction manual and much more.Children can view different specimen via microscopes– animals flowers plants insects
  • 【Small and light】Size: 23.9 x 17.3 x 14cm the microscope has an environmental friendly plastic cover. It has no sharp objects and poisonous substances. It is completely safe for your child to use and easy to carry.
  • 【Cultivate Children’s Curiosit】Kids always keep curiosit to something around themselves how are they composed? What things in the water? How can i see them? Please believe that your kids will find the answer with help of EMARTH Microscope