iBlivers Amphibious Remote Control Car, 4WD Gesture Sensor Hand Contorl Waterproof RC Stunt Car, 360° Rotation Remote Controlled Car for 4-12 Boys Kids


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  • Dual Land and Water Capabilities: Our amphibious remote control car is designed to conquer any terrain whether it’s dry land or water. Experience the thrill of seamless transitions as you effortlessly drive from the ground to the water expanding your play possibilities.
  • Two Ways Control: This amphibious RC car support two ways control choose between the conventional handle remote controller has a one-click stunt show powered by 2 AA batteries (batteries not included) or the innovative hand gesture remote controller powered by 2 AAA batteries (batteries not included). Multiple controlled forms of entertainment are your best bet.
  • Waterproof and Submersible: With its fully waterproof design this remote control car is ready for aquatic adventures. Take it for a spin in pools ponds and even shallow streams and watch as it effortlessly glides across the water surface providing endless entertainment for all ages.
  • 2.4GHz Remote Control: The advanced 2.4GHz remote control technology ensures a stable and interference-free connection allowing you to control your amphibious car from a distance with precision and accuracy. Enjoy responsive control and uninterrupted fun wherever you go.
  • Exciting Stunts and Tricks: Unlock a world of excitement with this versatile amphibious remote control car. Perform thrilling stunts including 360-degree spins 180-degree flips both on land and in water. Let your creativity soar as you discover new ways to showcase the incredible capabilities of this dynamic vehicle.