Curse of the Harvester: 2 (Dream Jumper)


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  • DO NOT BEGIN UNLESS YOU INTEND TO FINISH: Jumanji The Board Game takes you and your fellow adventurers on a quest through the jungle solving riddles and completing challenges while trying not to lose your Life Tokens
  • WORK TOGETHER WIN TOGETHER: Each player races to be the first to reach the centre of the jungle and yell “JUMANJI” to win. But if ANY player loses all of their Life Tokens ALL the players lose
  • SOLVE RIDDLES AND CHALLENGES: Each turn delivers new riddles to solve and challenges to complete. Escape dangers race against the clock and tell exciting stories to keep moving forward
  • SPIN MASTER GAMES AND PUZZLES: A world of puzzles and interactive board games for families kids and adults including trivia games card games classic games like chess and draughts sets plus jigsaw foam and 3D puzzles and more
  • Includes 1 Game Board 1 Green Dome Unit 100 Challenge Cards 4 Rhino Movers 12 Life Tokens 2 Regular Dice 4 Challenge Dice 1 Sand Timer Instructions
  • FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: Next time you get together with family and friends bring along a Spin Master game. The perfect activity for memorable game nights birthdays dinner parties holidays and any time you just want to have fun