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  • ✍.The Kids Magic Copybook is a good tool for early education. Develop your child’s essential skills and help them build confidence while having fun with this series of workbooks.
  • ✍.Kids Magic Copybook series is the best educational tool for children. Kindergarten and elementary school kids will love working through these preschool worksheets.
  • ✍.Kids will use their pencils to follow the instructions drawing different shapes and using their hands to build. Kids will learn how to be a little more mannered since they have to sit upright get into a better writing position and look at the board. They can also perform other fine motor activities like writing letters drawing on paper and cutting with scissors.
  • ✍.During these activities kids will use their pencil to follow paths and draw different shapes so they build their fine motor skills. A variety of stencils and geometric shapes will help engage their minds and boost their reading and writing comprehension skills by encouraging the use of correct writing techniques.
  • ✍.Building essential skills are all important in early education. This drawing Copybook is your child’s best ally in learning their letters numbers and pictures. It helps develop fine motor skills as well as eye-hand coordination skills.